Welcome To Guru Gobind Singh Public School
Pakhowal Road, Daad, Ludhiana, Punjab

Message From Principal

Mrs Archana Srivastava

“Child is the father of man”

True words of William Wordsworth, children can be an enormous source of learning for the elders. Usually when we visualise the kids of the present generation, the Gen-Next kids - straight out of Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) - come to our minds. The elders try to write off todays' kids as having become nerds due to getting excessively hooked on to social media. We feel that today's children are engulfed in the labyrinth of technology, oblivious of the happenings around them. On the contrary, today's children are far more than gadget-geeks. They are well-informed and could be great ambassadors of social and environmental changes. Even today, the power of youth is formidable , and if channelised in a proper direction, can create a revolution.

The Educational institutions should tap into the great intellectual, as well as the technological expertise of the present-day youngsters for creating a better ambience in the campus. It has been proven beyond doubt that students are immensely influenced by peer groups; rather than the suggestions and advice of elders or teachers, the words of their peers become gospel truth to the kids. Hence, whenever educational institutions plan to implement certain ideas or policies successfully, the best method is to take kids into confidence. If the youngsters are convinced, then without any doubt, the ideas/policies can be efficiently implemented.