Welcome To Guru Gobind Singh Public School
Pakhowal Road, Daad, Ludhiana, Punjab

Message From President

S. Navjot Singh Makkar

“The man who wins is the man who thinks he can.”

The wheel of time goes round and comes a full circle every year with the end of every academic session. A flash back and our mind races back into past bringing forth our strengths and our achievements. Our attainments propel us to further success and enterprise. But at the same time one cannot forget to take a look at the weaknesses that need to be worked upon and improved. It gives me immense joy to see our students are doing extremely well in life.

Let us remind ourselves that there is nothing to feel ashamed or undignified in doing any kind of work and least of all to grumble upon having to work hard. We are the logs of the big wheel of the world's machinery that has to be kept moving. Let's do our best & do it better. Our efforts would be like a drop in the ocean.